Light+Building 2018

Join us for the first time in prestigious hall 3.

PF 2018

Thank you for your patronage in 2017. We enter 2018 eager to accomplish more. We therefore wish you great success, happiness at work and common growth. We wish you peaceful and relaxing Christmas holidays.

LIPO. New linear LED lighting system.

We are launching the new LIPO family. The luminaire is suitable for long linear systems, the length of the profile is available up to 4482 mm. The new, simple L-Click installation system saves not only the time but also the installation costs. For high quality of system lighting, it is possible to install LED light modules through profile joints, so there is no lumps in the joints. LIPO consists of a LED light module and an aluminum profile. The luminaire is available in a surfaced, recessed, offset and pendant type of installation.

Custom-made luminaires in the 2nd phase of the Chodov Shopping Center

HALLA supplied custom-made lighting solutions to the Chodov Shopping Center, one of the largest shopping centers in the Czech Republic. In the fall of this year will be open a new section of Chodov, which will expand to more than 100,000 square meters, offering over 165 brands and 300 stores, the new Multiplex and The Grand Kitchen dining area. Linear atypical luminaires and downlights are used in the project, which illuminate surface passages and soffits, as well as escalators and social zones.

Human Centric Lighting luminaires in Montessori Pilot project Andílek Montessori School

The first Czech educational institution that has decided to take advantage of the natural lighting of Human Centric Lighting is Andílek Montessori School. In classrooms are newly installed SANT luminaires which automatically adjust the light thanks to Helvar control system. The installed multisensor measures the amount of daylight and maintains a constant level of illumination depending on the availability of daylight. HCL luminaires reproduce natural solar activity by adapting the temperature and intensity of light.


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