Based on the great success of Flumo100-S, we decided to create its little brother called Flumo60-S with a narrower profile of 60 mm for a more decent look. It is a linear aluminium profile that winds along the ceiling in a perfect curve and navigates you through the space. The Flumo60-S luminaires are available in both pendant and surface versions. Thanks to a wide range of radii and lengths, the luminaire can be used to create countless shapes of light objects. If we add the possibility of direct or direct-indirect distribution of light and two types of optical systems, we get a universal tool for illuminating social, public or commercial spaces.
Typ der Montage Aufbauleuchten Pendelleuchten
Typ der Ausstrahlung Direkte
Farbtemperatur 3000 K Warm weiss, 4000 K Kalt weiss
Material Aluminium
Anschluss der Leuchte EVG nicht dimmbar
(l × b × h mm)
0 × 60 × 65