Human Centric Lighting

Human Centric Lighting simulates natural daylight. We give people what is natural to them.

What does the principal of Human Centric Lighting mean

Imagine a Monday business meeting, an evening at the office before submitting a project, or recall how you get up with the kids for nursery or spend Saturday night at home with a book. Different events, different times, the same need for suitable light.

A warm color for adaptation to light is important after the sleep cycle. During the day you need to spark activity and stimulate your brain. Lighting on the principle of Human Centric Lightning takes you through the entire day like real light from the sun.

Human Centric Lighting luminaires

How the technology Works

Human Centric Lightning adapts to circadian, or biological, human cycles. Luminaires adapted to these rhythms work by mimicking natural sunlight.

  • Body

    People have a natural circadian rhythm. Lighting adapted to these rhythms simulates daylight. It thus helps with the alertness of an organism and increases its productivity.

  • Vision

    Thanks to light, we see the outside world. High quality lighting contributes to a better perception of the environment and helps ensure safe movement in a space.

  • Psyche

    Thanks to high-quality lighting, we receive valuable visual stimuli. The brain evaluates them positively, which contributes to a good mood, high quality rest and the amount of energy.

Where Human Centric Lighting is used                                

Lighting on the principle of HCL is applied where people work, learn, and live. Everywhere they need light that helps with everyday activities. The lighting is suitable for working areas, hospitals, schools or retirement homes.

 Our luminaires feature Tunable White HCL technology. Inlio,   Sant and  Leira can be used in offices. The luminaires Ixyo,  Gatu and Basi belong in stores while Mila,Rotao,Lina luminaires are suitable for lighting communication and social spaces.

Cooperation with Lighting Europe

We are part of an association that brings lighting companies together. Lighting Europe focuses on changes in technology, especially LEDs. The Association commits itself to the values that we ourselves adhere to: innovation, sustainability and the quality of lighting.

Example of the use of HCL technology

Sant luminaires with Human Centric Lighting in Andílek Montessori school.

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