30. 07. 2018


You can find the Lipo family LED lighting system with efficacy 125lm/W in built-in, flush-mount and pendant versions. Thanks to its functionality, the luminaire can be used both individually and in conjunction with different shapes or long lines. So, it can be used in small offices and large halls. Lipo80 consists of two elements - an LED light module and an aluminium profile with different lengths up to 4488 mm, according to your needs.


You will appreciate the L-Click system on the Lipo80, which effectively saves you both time and money. How? The module simply clicks into the profile, so a lot of work is saved during assembly. In addition, we offer installation through an aluminium profile joint that prevents translucence in luminaire joints. In addition to great power output, the luminaire also has a great price. It will find its use in commercial, social and public spaces.

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