Coronavirus: Halla up and running!

Halla up and running!

We are not affected by coronavirus, we follow very strict internal rules.
Our factory in Nové Město nad Metují works with only minimal restrictions, administrative workers are on homeoffice. This means that we are still at your disposal.


In order to be able to accommodate you as much as possible, we need information as early as possible so that we can avoid complications that may result from late deliveries caused by our suppliers or impeded shipping options.  

More than ever, we are dependent on timely information about upcoming projects and orders. Let us know what is in a hurry, what is going on, what are the plans, but also what is postponing or canceling. We cannot guarantee terms on 100%, but we will do our best for your satisfaction. The only thing we are unable to influence are any delays due to transport and delivery of materials from our suppliers.  

Our sales representatives will be happy to call you over the phone or Skype.  

We wish everyone good health and we hope to return to normal operation soon.

Your Halla team

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