New products and family arrangement

We are launching several new products and are thus making the necessary changes to our portfolio. We are therefore moving some products under new families, giving them new names.
We apologize for any complications and trust that the logic of our portfolio structure will suit you.

The changes in the portfolio will appear on the website together with the new price list on Monday 4 February 2019.



Two new families, from the Alumo family. They differ in their profile width.  Alum60 only includes direct luminaires, Alumo80 direct and direct-indirect luminaires.


In addition to current diameters 700 and 950 mm (which we will be cancelling) there are now new ones, 600 and 850 mm. The Rotao family features direct and direct-indirect lighting and we will later also be offering it with the Tunable White LED source.


The new family is made up from the Indi family of original linear luminaires, which was typical for its bevelled shape and direct-indirect lighting. The family includes both separate and system luminaires that can be suspended, surface or mounted on the wall.
It is now easier to differentiate these from the round Indi version in the portfolio.


As well as renaming the Indi family of linear luminaires, the name of the iconic Matúš Opálka luminaire has also been changed to Ilbi+.


The Indi family now only includes round luminaires. These luminaires can be suspended symmetrical from 1 place, or fitted into 4 spots in tapered ceilings.


The Kvado family now only includes angular luminaires, square and rectangular in two profile heights, 70 and 129 mm. 


Square and rectangular luminaires with rounded corners – this is the new Burbu family. The profile height is 70 mm. 

If you are uncertain, contact our sales representative, who will be happy to advise you.

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