Prague Prague

Realization: 2019
Space type: Offices

Lighting used


The offices also include relaxation zones offering comfortable seats and a green wall along the windows, which makes this place look very relaxed. Halla took care of the lighting in most of the rooms. Office lighting is subject to strict regulations, which is why a special Labro80 luminaire system has been created that meets all of them: for example, the degree of glare (UGR) as well as light intensity and uniformity. In addition, the luminaires are equipped with a dimming system (DALI) so that the working space is pleasant for every employee. The relaxation zones are equipped with Rundo luminaires, which bring a positive and informal atmosphere to these areas. Relaxation zones are now an integral part of every larger office and are seen as a significant employee benefit. The meeting rooms are dominated by unique circular Indi luminaires designed by Matúš Opálka. They nicely complement the design of each room and give it a unique atmosphere. Ture and Ravo luminaires fit perfectly into the corridors and illuminate these navigation spaces really well. The logo at the reception desk is very conveniently illuminated by another type of luminaire designed by Matúš Opálka — Ixyo.