Luminaire variants


Sant are luminaires with direct-indirect distribution with a ratio of 90/10. They can be dimmed with a simple button or by using a one-hour or three-hour standby mode. The luminaires are produced only in two lengths, 1128 mm and 1408 mm. We offer the luminaires in a Bluetooth version, which allows you to control them from your smartphone or tablet using an application.
Type of installation Suspended
Light distribution Direct-indirect
Colour of the luminaires White
Material Aluminium
Light source LED MODUL
Connection of the luminaires ON/OFF
(l × w × h mm)

Variants of single luminaires of Sant

Luminaire variants Sant

Filter variants

Code Type of installation Light distribution Type of optical system Luminous flux (lm) Power (W) Connection Dimensions (mm)
133-500K-20GEE/840, W White Sant
133-500K-20GEE/840, W
Opal diffuser 2120 21 Electronic ballast non-dimmable 1128 × 66 × 92
133-500K-25GEE/840, W White Sant
133-500K-25GEE/840, W
Opal diffuser 2760 27 Electronic ballast non-dimmable 1408 × 66 × 92
133-500K-20GGE/840, W White Sant
133-500K-20GGE/840, W
Opal diffuser 3560 34.9 Electronic ballast non-dimmable 1128 × 66 × 92
133-500K-25GGE/840, W White Sant
133-500K-25GGE/840, W
Opal diffuser 4120 39.6 Electronic ballast non-dimmable 1408 × 66 × 92