Single luminaire


The Tres family of luminaires with separate control for direct and indirect lighting is based on the concept of Rob Van Beek, chief designer of lighting in the royal palaces in the Netherlands. Rob made himself happy and designed the Tres for his 60th birthday, which in Danish means sixty. The luminaire has a very high efficiency that meets the UGR <19 value. In practice, it means that the light shines brightly but does not blind in any way, preserving visual comfort. Therefore, it is mainly used in offices, meetings, receptions as well as in representative places like car showrooms. The Tres can be used alone, it is ideally suited too be connected to long linear rows, perhaps even sixty.

Rob van Beek

: Rob van Beek

Type of installation Suspended
Light distribution Direct-indirect
Colour Temperature 3000 K warm white, 4000 K cool white
Material Aluminium
Light source LED MODUL
Connection of the luminaires 1-10V dimmable, DALI dimmable, Electronic ballast non-dimmable
(l × w × h mm)
1682 × 50 × 135
2242 × 50 × 135