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Information about the luminaires

Where do you use the luminaires?

  • What spaces are the luminaires suitable for?

    From offices, shops, business centers through public spaces, banks, hotels to restaurants, cafes, wellness centers, showrooms, and residences - you will use our luminaires in all of these places. In the Realization section, you will learn more about projects we have completed.

  • Which lights are suitable for offices?

    We recommend luminaires that meet the UGR glare index for use above work tables. Your selection then depends on the space and design you are looking for. If your site fulfills multiple purposes, you can preferably use the Leira free-standing lamp. We offer it in a variety of variants from the clever Leira, which can control the intensity of the luminaire, to one with a built-in motion sensor.

    Pendant luminaires with direct-indirect lighting such as the Tres model are great for offices. The most technologically advanced pendant luminaire is the Inlio, which features Edge Lighting and Tunable White technology. If you want to install luminaires in a reception area, hall or foyer, use downlight luminaires.

  • Which luminaires are best suited for retail spaces?

    For retail spaces you can use pendant, built-in or wall luminaires as well as surface or offset luminaires. When choosing, take into account how the luminaire illuminates the specific product in a particular location. You need one type of luminaire to illuminate jewelry, and a different one for clothing. We offer special sources for ideal illumination.

    The second important factor is the beam angle, that is, how large of a space you want to illuminate and at what distance. The narrower the angle, the smaller the illuminated area or the smaller the object, and vice versa. We offer a wide range of angles ranging from 15 to 60° C.

Awards, technology, and sources

  • Have any of your luminaires won any design awards and who designed them?

    We collaborate with world-renowned designers who have won distinguished awards for luminaires.

    • Serge Cornelissen won the German Design Award 2017 with the Vima luminaire.
    • Matúš Opálka has the Inlio, Ixyo, Indi and Indi + luminiares under his belt, and has obtained the Red Dot Design Award 2014 / Design Concept, the German Design Award 2016 and the iF Design Award 2016 and 2017.
    • Simona Hrušková won the German Design Award 2017, the iF Design Award 2017 and the A Design Award 2017 with the Bent luminaire.
    • Matyáš Kočnar won the Red Dot Design Award 2015 / Design Concept with the Tulpi and Torpi luminaires.
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  • What is Human Centric Lighting? Which of your luminaires have this technology?

    Human Centric Lighting works by simulating natural daylight and adapting to natural human rhythms. Because we spend most of our time indoors, Human Centric Lightning is a fundamental technology that has the same effect as natural light - it has a positive impact on human perception, health and well-being.

  • What LED chips do you use?

    We use the latest LED light sources from renowned manufacturers such as CITIZEN, SAMSUNG, LG and others, so our luminaires have a maximum power output. We also focus on special LED sources, which are used mainly for commercial purposes. For example, luminaires  with LED sources are used to illuminate specific products.

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