Luminaire variants


The Flumo-S lighting system can be assembled from a variety of curved pendant luminaires. They come with opal or microprismatic diffusers in a wide range of colours according to the Halla RAL colour chart. The luminaires are available in ON/OFF or dimmable DALI versions, but they can also serve as emergency lighting with either 1-hour or 3-hour mode. They can be controlled via Bluetooth technology from mobile devices. The luminaires come in a large variety of arcs of different radii and lengths. Our technical support will help you build a suitable lighting system, including the necessary lighting calculations.
Type of installation Surface Suspended
Light distribution Direct
Colour of the luminaires Black, Silver, White
Material Aluminium
Connection of the luminaires ON/OFF
(l × w × h mm)

Lighting system variants of Flumo100-S

Luminaire variants Flumo100-S

Filter variants

Code Type of installation Light distribution Type of optical system Luminous flux (lm) Power (W) Connection Dimensions (mm)
128S-XXXK-XXGXE/840, W White Flumo100-S
128S-XXXK-XXGXE/840, W
Opal diffuser 830 8.3 Electronic ballast non-dimmable 0 × 100 × 87
128S-XXXK-XXGXE/830, W White Flumo100-S
128S-XXXK-XXGXE/830, W
Opal diffuser 740 8.3 Electronic ballast non-dimmable 0 × 100 × 87
128S-XXXI-XXGXE/830, W White Flumo100-S
128S-XXXI-XXGXE/830, W
Microprisma 690 8.3 Electronic ballast non-dimmable 0 × 100 × 87
128S-XXXI-XXGXE/840, W White Flumo100-S
128S-XXXI-XXGXE/840, W
Microprisma 730 8.3 Electronic ballast non-dimmable 0 × 100 × 87