Single luminaire


Leira smart luminaires will win you over not only with their simple design, but mainly with several ways to control the light intensity. The version with non-dimmable electronic ballast will fit perfectly into areas with permanent lighting, e.g. a lobby while luminaires with a dimmer switch will be appreciated , for example, at the reception. The model with a motion sensor will provide automatic dimming in a meeting room. And the office? The best option there is the version with an addressing unit that dims and lights up all the luminaires in the room on the basis of the detection of people and keeps the room perfectly lit for work. Leira luminaires have been designed as a minimalist element suitable for most interiors with the possibility of rearranging the space without unnecessary installations when you only need to move the luminaire.
Type of installation Free-standing Table lamp
Light distribution Direct-indirect
Colour Temperature 3000 K warm white, 4000 K cool white, 2700 K - 6500 K Tunable White
Material Aluminium
Light source LED MODUL
LED type Tunable White
Connection of the luminaires Electronic ballast non-dimmable, Sensor and electronic ballast, By switch dimmable (touch dimm), DALI DT8, Luminaire with sensor and group comunication
(l × w × h mm)
615 × 325 × 1305
615 × 325 × 1945