Lighting system


Lighting system variants of Lipo35-S

The linear system luminaires of the Lipo35-S family provide one of the thinnest profiles in our product range. The luminaires with direct distribution of light are available in the pendant, surface, and recessed versions for ceiling installations and can also be mounted on the wall. In any case, you can line the luminaires up in a row thus creating the ideal length to meet your needs. Thanks to the option to extend and retract the opal diffuser, you can find the ideal combination of lights for a specific interior according to your needs. Thanks to this variability, Lipo35-S can be used in virtually any area, but especially in the social, public and commercial ones. Luminaires with an extended diffuser diffuse their light into a significantly larger area thus helping to soften the entire interior.
Type of installation Recessed
Light distribution Direct
Colour Temperature 3000 K warm white, 4000 K cool white
Material Aluminium
Light source LED MODUL
Connection of the luminaires DALI dimmable, Electronic ballast non-dimmable
(l × w × h mm)
561 × 54 × 95
842 × 54 × 95
1122 × 54 × 95
1403 × 54 × 95
1683 × 54 × 95
1964 × 54 × 95
2244 × 54 × 95