The Legio family of lighting can be characterized in three words –freedom of choice. This luminaire will win you over with its simple design and the number of combinations you can use it with. It consists of two shapes – rounded and angular. You can choose from a surface or pendant design with direct or indirect radiation.


We have produced these luminaires with a high-power output of up to 130 lm / W from aluminum profile and aluminum castings painted in white, black or silver.Legio luminaires are fitted in three ways: a microprismatic optic system that does not strain the eyes, an opal diffuser, or a parabolic louver. The diffuser and louver guarantee an excellent index of UGR <19. The luminaires provide bright illumination in all versions and do not blind or strain the eyes. Therefore, you can use them everywhere people spend a lot of time – in offices as well as in meeting and negotiation rooms.

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