Shooting a new promo video

In order to support the business strategy, the overall presentation of the company and to keep up with the times, we decided to make a new promotional video for the company.


Although much of the video we currently use to introduce our company to new potential customers is still relevant, we agreed that we needed a more dynamic video with shorter footage.

For the shoot, the external company that will be processing the video for us used a drone in addition to standard cameras to add a crown to the footage.

This time the new video will not contain spoken word or subtitles. The footage will focus on the production and automation of the machines, the warehouse, the black room with the goniophotometer and the Prague showroom.

Because we wanted to show our luminaires in real space, we agreed with PKV to include footage from their offices in the video.

The offices are not only beautiful, but also fully functional. What we liked most was the use of greenery, specifically the many indoor plants, which had a calming effect on us. This was accentuated by the beautiful view of the city.

The lighting of the PKV offices and other common areas is provided by a large number of our luminaires, which blended beautifully with the ecological feel of the interior. Moreover, they were installed without a single physical switch, as they either regulate themselves according to how much sunlight is coming in from outside or can be controlled via an app.

Look out for our new promo video coming soon.

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