New modular Lina45-S

One luminaire, thousands of combinations: modular Lina45-S


As you may know, we already introduced Lina45-S some time ago. Its emerging light parameters are still valid, but we have also extended the system luminaire with a modular system. This allows you to combine the segments of the optical grid, opal diffuser or microprism with the CUBE segments, a reflector luminaire based on the design of the Vali55-T luminaire or the 410 mm diameter Rundo circular luminaire.

Meet our new Lina45-S modular luminaire.

The module with microprism offers UGR variants below 19 and the module with opal diffuser achieves excellent efficiency values up to 170 lm/W.

The optical grid module is a great solution for visually demanding spaces, as it even meets UGR below 16 in some variants. In combination with the indirect component, it also achieves excellent efficiency values up to 170 lm/W.

Dimensions are multiples of 70 mm in lengths from 560 mm to 2240 mm. The module is available in both DALI and ON/OFF connections and can be integrated into the profile in the classic colours black, white and silver.



CUBE2 is a Lina45 module derived from two segments of the optical grid, CUBE3 is of course derived from three segments. Thanks to this, we are able to achieve countless customer combinations and design requirements while maintaining the characteristics of the optical grid parameters - i.e. meeting the UGR parameter. The dimension of this module is 140 mm and we offer it in black as standard. We offer the module in both DALI and ON/OFF connections, and be sure to add one of the indirect component modules, with which the light system achieves a specific output of up to 170 lm/W. 

The Rundo circular luminaire module on a 410 mm diameter pole has excellent performance characteristics.

The reflector module based on Vali55 offers a colour rendering index of Ra90. All modules are available in DALI and ON/OFF connections and can be integrated into the profile in the classic colours black, white and silver.


The indirect lighting component of Lina45-S is available in three module variants. The first is a clear plexiglass variant, the second is a wide batwing diffuser that creates more even illumination of the ceiling. By using the indirect component of the illumination, you will achieve significantly higher values of specific power on the work surface and in addition, this type of radiation increases the light comfort for your eyes. The final option is the non-illuminated indirect component - i.e. without LED fitting, but this is also covered by clear plexiglass.

Another certainly welcome feature is the possibility of a curtain in the joint of the profiles, which are fitted with caps to prevent even a minimum of translucency. The individual segments are easily connected using connectors and plugged into 230 V.

For Lina45-S we are preparing a Halla Configurator so that you can easily materialize your idea of a lighting system and at the same time directly enquire and order.

For the time being, please note that your project must be consulted with our tech-support department and only after their approval your lighting system can be ordered.

For more information do not hasitate to contact us.

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