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BIM objects, 3D models, DIAlux Plug-in, Photometric data. All support tools in one place.


BIM models

Building Information Modeling is a process in which shared information is created between architects, designers, suppliers, building managers and other building cycle participants. It is used for objects that, in addition to photorealistic visualizations, contain specific data such as technical parameters, building geometry, prices, and more. The virtual BIM model collects and stores it. The advantage of the technology is that dozens of people - designers, architects, technicians and structural engineers - can work together on one BIM model. In addition, the data is updated during the construction and maintenance of the building. BIM models can also be used for a 3D presentation. Viewing the whole model is useful during investor consultations where line drawings may not be appropriate.

You can download the BIM object for ARCHICAD as a  complete package or  file for individual versions of luminaires.

You can also save the BIM object for Revit as a package or in the version  for individual luminaires.

DIALux plugin

DIALux is the most commonly used software for technical light calculations. You can use it freely for all luminaires of different manufacturers. You will use it if you participate in the light design. It can calculate daylight in both the interior and outdoor environment.

We offer data for both versions of the program DIALux Plug-in for our luminaires. Plug-in includes a luminaire database including photometric data and 3D models to turn the luminaire so you can see it from all sides. It also has a predefined use. Example - You do not need to adjust the height of the Leira free-standing luminaire because the model already has height information.

Plug-in can also import Eulumdata - photometric data of luminaires. You can also download the plug-in online in the English version.

You can download the latest version on

3D models for 3D software

3D models serve for the final visualization of projects. You will discover potential collisions with other devices thanks to them during the design stage. Architects and designers process drawings in these programs.

  • 3D DWG models for computer program / AutoCAD software, for download here.
  • 3D DDS models for computer program / 3DS Max software, for download here
  • 3D DDM models for computer program / Rhino software, for download here

You download the models as packages or separately for each product or image group.


Eulumdata, or photometric data, is a text file that contains information about the luminous intensity curve. We offer photometric data in the .ldt and .ies format for use in the programs RELUX, WILS, AGi32, and others.

Download for free here

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