The new Lina45 and Lina45-S achieve world-class performance

Imagine a linear luminaire that can satisfy all your needs: it meets UGR standards, has high efficiency and you can build it to your specifications. And it looks great too. Meet our new Lina45-S system and single Lina45 luminaires.



The Lina45-S offers opal, microprism and optical louvre variants, so it can easily meet both UGR under 19 at 4300 lm. It is a great solution for visually demanding spaces as it even meets UGR below 16 in some variants. It also achieves excellent efficiency values of up to 170 lm/W. 



The indirect lighting component is provided by a clear plexi-glass option or a batwing distribution diffuser, which creates a more even illumination of the ceiling. A welcomed feature is also the option of a curtain at the joint of the profiles, which are fitted with caps to prevent even minimal draughts. The individual segments are easily connected using connectors and plugged into
230 V.


In the modular system, which we will be launched soon, you can combine them with grid segments (in 1, 2 or 3 pieces), a reflector luminaire based on the design of the Vali55-T luminaire, or the Rundo circular luminaire with a diameter of 410mm on a rod.

For the Lina45-S we are preparing a configurator so that you can easily materialize your idea of a lighting system and at the same time directly enquire and order.

Release date of the modular system including detailed parameters will come soon.

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