Halla VR

Experience our luminaires in Virtual Reality.

Would you appreciate the opportunity to view and configure our luminaires from anywhere in the world? How about directly in virtual reality? This is possible right now thanks to Halla VR.

In Halla VR, you can view the Lina28, Rotao60 and Lipo28 luminaires, where you can configure everything from mounting type, optics type, product colour, to chromaticity temperature or acoustic fill or bellows. In the three different types of interiors in which our luminaires are fitted, you will find, for example, selected reference photos, luminaire specifications, a catalogue or a company video.

You can run Halla VR on any Android or iOS mobile device (phone, tablet, desktop, laptop). However, to use the full potential of Halla VR, you will need special virtual reality glasses. So don't hesitate to dive into the world of Halla VR on our website www.halla.eu/vr.

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