Single luminaire


This circular downlight luminaire has been designed for LED sources with an efficacy of up to 130 lm/W. The luminaires are made of polycarbonate plastic and a passive aluminium heatsink. IP 40 or IP 44 protection class in the version with clear or structured plexiglass protects against the penetration of water or other substances and solid particles. Ravo luminaire with a wider beam angle is a good solution for commercial and social spaces, car showrooms and communication zones.
Type of installation Recessed Surface Suspended
Light distribution Direct
Colour Temperature 3000 K warm white, 4000 K cool white, 2700 K - 6500 K Tunable White
Material Aluminium, Plastic, Aluminium/Plastic
Light source LED MODUL
LED type Tunable White
Connection of the luminaires DALI dimmable, Electronic ballast non-dimmable, Electronic ballast non-dimmable with 1h emergency, Electronic ballast non-dimmable with 3h emergency, Electronic ballast non-dimmable, multiwatt, DALI dimmable, multiwatt, Electronic ballast non-dimmable, multiwatt with 1h emergency, Electronic ballast non-dimmable, multiwatt with 3h emergency, DALI DT8, DALI dimmable, multiwatt with 1h emergency, DALI dimmable, multiwatt with 3h emergency
∅ 172 × 85
∅ 172 × 105
∅ 172 × 260