Single luminaire


Circular luminaires with an aluminium profile come in two heights, 62 mm and 87 mm. Rundo luminaires feature an excellent efficacy of up to 145 lm/W, which can give the space lightness and appeal. The luminaires are pendant or flush-mounted, with direct or direct-indirect distribution of light creating an interesting light halo. A circular luminaire with a PMMA opal diffuser or microprismatic optical system is suitable for both commercial spaces and households. A playful and interesting effect can be created by combining different diameters. Rundo luminaires with a diameter of up to 1150 mm can be equipped with a motion sensor, daylight sensor or Bluetooth technology, which allows easy control of the luminaire from your smart device.
Type of installation Surface Wall mounted Suspended
Light distribution Direct Direct-indirect
Colour Temperature 3000 K warm white, 4000 K cool white, 2700 K - 6500 K Tunable White
Material Aluminium
Light source LED MODUL
LED type Tunable White
Connection of the luminaires DALI dimmable, Electronic ballast non-dimmable, Electronic ballast non-dimmable with 1h emergency, Electronic ballast non-dimmable with 3h emergency, Electronic ballast non-dimmable, multiwatt, Electronic ballast non-dimmable, multiwatt with 1h emergency, Electronic ballast non-dimmable, multiwatt with 3h emergency, DALI DT8, DALI dimmable, bluetooth
∅ 400 × 62
∅ 400 × 87
∅ 500 × 62
∅ 500 × 87
∅ 600 × 62
∅ 600 × 87
∅ 850 × 62
∅ 850 × 87
∅ 1150 × 87