Halla VR - experience our luminaires in virtual reality

Designation of a luminaire that can be viewed and configured in VR using special goggles or a mobile device.

Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated environment that allows users to interact with a virtual world using special devices such as headsets, controllers or sensors. VR creates the sensation that users are in a different space than in reality, allowing them to explore new worlds, experiences and ways of interacting.

Please direct any questions to export@halla.cz.

What can you set up in Halla VR?

  • Type of mounting

    In the space you will find all available types of luminaire mounting

  • Type of optics

    Black grid or opal diffuser

  • Product colour

    Black, white, silver and several other colours according to our Halla RAL colour chart

  • Colour temperatures

    4000K warm white for visual comfort or 3000K cool white for intensive work

  • Light distribution

    Direct or direct-indirect

  • Acoustic foam or moss

    Acoustic foam filling in several colours or 2 types of acoustic design moss

Možnosti umístění

Discover Halla VR on a mobile device

If you don't own special virtual reality goggles but still want to see and configure our luminaires, no problem. Access Halla VR in your web browser.

Supported devices:

  • Smartphone - Android, iOS
  • Tablet - Android, iOS
  • Desktop computer / notebook - Windows, macOS

If the iframe window on this page doesn't work, you can load the application from this link.

Experience Halla VR with special goggles

To view Halla VR using special glasses, we recommend Meta Quest 2. We will be happy to rent or arrange for you to purchase glasses. Please direct any questions to marketing@halla.cz.

How to run Halla VR on special goggles:

  • Open a web browser in special VR glasses.
  • Enter the URL halla.eu/halla-vr in your browser's search window
  • Scroll down the page to the topic you are currently reading.
  • Click on the "Explore Hall VR" hyperlink below.
Explore Halla VR