EPD certification

We see EPD certification as an opportunity to improve the quality of our products at all stages of their life cycle. We monitor the carbon footprint in the development and production as well as in the marketing, use and disposal or recycling of our luminaires.

Group 75

The first product families to be EPD certified from January 2024 are Lina45, Lina60 and Lina80, as well as their system versions Lina45-S, Lina60-S and Lina80-S.

On our website, on each certified family's page, you will find this mark right to the family name.

The downloadable certificates themselves can be found at the bottom of the  Downloads - Certifications section.

Sustainability is a big topic nowadays, so we are always trying to discover new ways. We certify ourselves and our products and quite naturally operate in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

We have the future of our planet in our hearts, you can read more about “how we operate sustainably” here.

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