The designer circular luminaire Rotao60 comes in a large number of diameters, thanks to which it fits well into various social and commercial spaces. You can also use it to decorate your living room or a meeting room. If you combine the luminaire with microprismatic optics, its efficacy can be surprising even in an office. Pendant versions of the Rotao60 luminaire with a diameter of up to 800 mm are suspended on suspension wires which converge into a single ceiling cup, while larger diameters are suspended on wires that run perpendicular to the ceiling.
Type of installation Surface Suspended
Light distribution Direct Direct-indirect
Colour Temperature 3000 K warm white, 4000 K cool white, 2700 K - 6500 K Tunable White
Material Aluminium
Light source LED MODUL
Connection of the luminaires DALI dimmable, Electronic ballast non-dimmable, By switch dimmable (touch dimm), DALI DT8
∅ 603 × 65
∅ 800 × 65
∅ 1140 × 65
∅ 1515 × 65
∅ 2050 × 65
∅ 2440 × 65
∅ 2980 × 65